#1 Samsung Notebook 9 15 vs. Dell XPS 15: Which laptop is right for you? by addswilson 07.04.2017 00:21

Should you buy the Samsung Notebook 9 or the Dell XPS 15?

Samsung's updated 15-inch Notebook 9 is here, and it's turning heads thanks to a significant overhaul. If you're in the market for a new laptop, you might be wondering how it stacks up against another 15-inch favorite, the XPS 15 from Dell. Our Executive Editor Daniel Rubino reviewed the XPS 15 9560 and the Notebook 9 15" Ext model, which is the configuration we'll be focusing on in this comparison.

Ready to see how they compare? We start with the specifications and move through the similarities and differences to give you a better idea of which laptop is better suited for you.
From the outside, both of these laptops look similar. Their dimensions are nearly the same, they both have appealing rounded corners, and both have a metal finish. If you were to pick them up, however, you would immediately notice a big difference. Rubino, in his Notebook 9 review, had this to say:

It is hard to put into words just how light the Notebook 9 is compared to other 15-inch laptops. The Dell XPS 15 and HP Spectre x360 15 both weigh around 4.4lbs (2kg), making the Notebook 9 nearly 2lbs (0.9kg) lighter.

That is a significant weight difference and a big deal for anyone who likes to forget they're carrying around a laptop. The body and keyboard deck are both rigid, but there is some flex to the lid, which i inevitable with something this thin. Despite the weight of the Notebook 9, you can still open the lid with one hand, something you can't do with the XPS 15.
Once the laptops are open, plenty more differences become evident. The XPS 15 sports a carbon fiber finish on its inside that is soft to touch and doesn't heat up under your palms. When closed, it has a sort of "oreo effect" due to the metal outside and the carbon fiber inside.

The Notebook 9 sticks with a metal finish inside with keys to match. It is comparable to the Apple MacBook, and anyone who loves a uniform look on a laptop will love the Notebook 9's appearance.

You power on the Notebook 9 and the display comes alive. The device has a 1080p non-touch display that is classic Samsung quality. From Rubino's review:

Nonetheless, Samsung did an outstanding job here with the Notebook 9's display. It's sharp, exceptionally bright, and the color saturation is excellent.
There is no 4K option, and there is no touch option for the Notebook 9. It also measures 15 inches rather than the more common 15.6-inches we're seeing on a lot of laptops. The bezels around the display are larger compared to those on the XPS 15, but are still relatively slim when compared to other laptops. If you don't go in for touch displays or 4K, the Notebook 9 is a solid contender.

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If you need a laptop with a 4K touch display, you'll want to check out the XPS 15. Here's what Rubino, in his XPS 15 review, had to say:

It's a remarkable display and the best 4K panel on the market for a laptop bar none. It has a very high color gamut ("100 percent minimum Adobe RGB," according to Dell, and in my tests it seems to hold up, though it's closer to 97 percent) with excellent contrast. And it is brilliant.

Sure, the XPS 15 is available in a Full HD matte configuration that is also a fantastic display, but when you compare the FHD version to the Notebook 9 with similar hardware inside, the price difference jumps to a point where you'd probably be better of going with the Notebook 9 and saving a few hundred dollars.

However, if it's 4K and touch that you crave in a laptop, your only choice between these two is the XPS 15. A slim bezel only adds to the attraction, and disappointment will be hard to come by when you first see the clarity and color.

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Thanks for sharing the configuration of both laptops.I think Dell laptop is right for us.Dell laptop has more features than Samsung.
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