#1 Driver programs connecting Windows to the printer port by jessey123 26.10.2017 22:57

In some cases, the printer might be distinguished by name and not by IP address. On the off chance that the name is right, a test page should print on the printer. At the point when a test page does not print, the most direct determination of the issue might be re-establishment of the printer. In the gadgets and printers window you select the printer you are utilizing, tap the correct mouse catch to open a fly up menu, and you select Printer properties. The printer properties window should open on the General tab. In the lower right ought to be the Print Test Page catch. Tapping on this catch is a speedy approach to test whether the PC is associated with the printer. It ought to quickly print a test page on the printer.
To confirm the PC's association with the printer you select the Ports tab. The Ports tab recognizes the port that associates the PC to the printer. At the point when the printer is associated by a USB link to the PC, the port mark recognizes a USB port. Once in a while unplugging a USB link and connecting it to an alternate USB port re-sets up the association between the PC and the printer.
Driver programs associating Windows to the printer port may not work appropriately with Windows. For this situation reinstalling the most recent printer driver projects can resolve this issue. The driver programs should commonly coordinate precisely the variant of Windows on the PC. HP Support UK

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